A New Reconciliation Ministry in Zimbabwe?

Help us raise £2000 by end of February 2024!

We are One! has pledged to raise £2000 to buy air fares for two Zimbabwe pastors and their wives, so they can travel to Kigali, Rwanda in early March and attend the International School of Reconciliation (ISOR). Pastor Musora and Pastor Chidewu both have a heart to see reconciliation ministry happen in their nation. This is their opportunity to receive the healing they need personally, and then to go on and be trained as HHTN facilitators themselves.

International School of Reconciliation March 4th – 17th 2024

ISOR flyerISOR is a bi-annual healing and reconciliation conference that aims to get people healed and then teach them how to run their own reconciliation programmes back home. For this reason it has 3 distinct parts. The first week consists of a 4 day Bible based programme called ‘Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations’ (HHTN). This is followed by a 5 day course that trains facilitators to run HHTN themselves. Finally, these newly trained course leaders are given an opportunity to run their own HHTN programmes in local nearby villages, and it concludes with a de-briefing exercise. Neither pastor has asked us for money, but it’s been clear from the start that they will struggle to find their own airfares and registration costs for the conference. Return flights from Harare to Kigali cost approximately £500. And the registration for the conference is US$350 per person. A couple of donations have already come in, but we are still short of our target, and we’d also like to help them out with the registration costs as well.

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