Selam Ethiopia!

New Songs of Hope, Healing and Unity in Ethiopia: May 2023 and into 2024

Dave Bankhead was asked to lead a four day healing and songwriting workshop last May, at Lake Langano Retreat Centre in south western Ethiopia, working in partnership with SIM and Barnabas Ministries, Ethiopia and Rabagirana Rwanda, Rwanda. Some 25 young worship leaders, musicians and several pastors attended, representing many different regions across the nations. What an amazing time we had together! Altogether, 15 beautiful new songs were written in typical cultural styles that represent both the orthodox and more modern traditions of the church. A theme song Selam Ethiopia! has emerged; a kind of peace anthem which means ‘Peace, Ethiopia!’

We’ve now chosen 10 of these songs to go forward for studio production and plans are in place to record the vocals early in 2024. After that, we hope to hold a National Peace Conference later in the year, during which the completed songs will be released, as part of an event which will include live worship and a call to prayer for the nation. We hope many pastors will attend and even some government ministers.

Initially, we needed to raise £4000 to hold the healing conference. I’m delighted to be able to say we were successful in raising the full amount in time for the May 2023 conference! Thankyou so much to all of you who supported us.

However, we now need to raise an additional £4000 to fund the vocals recording, and enable us to complete the songs in time for the conference.