About Us

We Are One! is led by Dave & Jean Bankhead, who live in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK.


Dave and Jean play an active role in the life and fellowship of Malmesbury Abbey. Dave is an established worship leader, songwriter and record producer; co-writer of worship songs like Come on and Celebrate!, Heal our nation, I will speak out, Behold the Lamb, and Peace to you. Jean works as Vice Principal of St Rose’s – a special needs school and college based in Stroud. They have two sons, Joel and Nathan, who currently hold jobs in IT and graphic design.

Since 1999, Dave has made more than 30 trips to Rwanda, and in the early years produced 3 worship CD’s that feature songs of forgiveness, hope and healing for the nation. Written by local Rwandan worship leaders, some of these songs have become well known across the nation and feature regularly on radio or national TV.

We are One! regularly partners with Dr Rhiannon Lloyd (Healing the Nations) and Joseph Nyamutera (Rabagirana – Rwanda) and seeks to inspire worship leaders and musicians who have already experienced healing from personal trauma in their lives.

In 2014 Dave travelled to Burundi and worked with a group of songwriters called ‘Shengero Murika’ to produce the reconciliation CD ‘Twarahawe Kumurika’. In 2015, Dave also travelled to Nakuru, Kenya to work with a Kenyan group of worship musicians and singers. Together they produced a new CD entitled ‘We are One’.

Moonstone Studios has been the focus for the recording and mixing of all our African worship CD’s, as well as many other studio worship albums.