We Are One (Kenya)

Background to the new recording

Kenya is a vibrant and hugely diverse nation. Altogether, some 45 million people live there and there are as many as 42 different tribes, each with their own unique history and culture. There are two official languages; English and Swahili. Kenya had a reputation for being stable, but in recent years it has been threatened by both terrorism and tribal conflict. In particular, the tribal violence that erupted in 2008 came as a terrible shock.

I first met Allan Waihumbu (Way of Peace – Kenya) in 2014, and he invited me to come to Nakuru to work with a young group of Christian singers and worship musicians. During the song-writing and reconciliation workshop that took place in July 2015, some 30 or so attended. As they listened to Bible teaching, and we talked, prayed and worshipped together, a remarkable transformation seemed to take place in their lives. They told me of the shame they felt, and how traumatized they had been personally because of ethnic violence and other issues such as parental neglect and abuse. Their open-hearted attitudes and honesty impressed me. I remember we spent one morning literally crying out to God, for Him to heal the land and bring new hope to Kenya! Tears were on many faces.

Out of this time, 12 songs were chosen which now feature on this remarkable CD. In May 2016, I travelled back to Nakuru to record the vocals; a small number of singer friends from Burundi and Rwanda joined with us to offer their assistance.

The songs were mixed in July and through generous donations we have been able to produce this CD. The group have since formed an association which they decided to name ‘Fathers Heart’. They have made a commitment to meet together regularly to pray for the country and seek the Lord for different ways in which they may serve Him in the future.

We hope you enjoy these inspiring songs – please take the time to pray for Kenya as you listen!